HDR is high-dynamic-range imaging is the set of techniques used to reproduce a greater range of luminosity than that which is possible with standard photographic techniques.Standard techniques allow differentiation only within a certain range of brightness. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, It may be used for both photos and videos, though the implementations are different.




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Double Color Exposures



Social and Political Issues in Art


I did woman’s rights because it has always been a problem for men. That woman won’t be able to do this or that or that we should change the way we look, or it can be the race we come from. It has been happening for many years. I also did this because us woman are strong even stronger than men, we are allowed to do the same thing that men do. We have every right do dress however we want, look the way we want, work anywhere we want! Our body our choice. My art work doesn’t tend to be offended because I stand up for woman’s rights, & if people are going to be offended is men because they always have something to say. But us woman we are feminist, strong, beautiful, smart, etc.


Studio Portrait



  1. pink
  2. pretty
  3. soft
  4. caring
  5. blue
  6. outstanding
  7. confident
  8. amazing
  9. faithfu
  10. bold







Mirror Image




Shallow Depth of Field


Man and nature



Image Projection


Camera experiences